HIV/ AIDS disease rapidly grows up in Burma

I consistently hear about the news that’s happening in Burma today. It is definitely known that after Nagis Cyclone hit Irrawaddy deta, hundred thousands of people were faced difficulty and caused starvation among the Nagis victim areas. At that time, everything was scared for every people such as accommodation needs, food and money so on. So that, some Nagis victim survival, especially adult’s people (women) sold their body

to the securities at night. As a result, you can mention in accordance to the Nagis victim survival that who extremely faced difficulty of daily life during that time.
Not only for those reasons, is it already caused among the whole country since many years. I am sure that more people could be affected by HIV/ AIDS disease because of life changing without moderation, people dignities are consequently seemed to be increased of poverty. Burma is a poor country you may recognize by yourself. To provide a family is very difficult & heavy for most people because it is not easy to access a job and find money.
You may notice today many people are suffering for accommodation needs such as food, money, job, land (shelter) and fields. The following things are very hard and scarce for many people to complete their daily lodging. So some poor ladies are looking for money to have sex without protection. Even though you have to educate them about how to protect against the disease infection, some people won’t care. Perhaps, this can separate rapidly among the society. The person who do not protect, we can recognize them as HIV/AIDS producers.
On the other hand, most adults’ people today they’re copying model styles and want to enjoy their life and love to have fun. Doing such as hair coloring or styles and wearing model clothes what’s up, they want to be sexy and attract people to pay attention. But this progress is very awful for the next generation.
Anyhow, despite you educate people how to prevent HIV/ AIDS infection, some people will listen, remind and respect, but some will pretend to listen or don’t care. Half of your movement would be very valuable and effective to many people.
Why HIV/AIDS separates among the society is “MONEY power” & “POVERTY”

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